Visualize and troubleshoot serverless applications

Troubleshoot issues with speed, identify bottlenecks, and monitor performance and costs.

Built for serverless

Built for serverless

Auto discovery of cloud resources and external APIs

End to end

End to end visibility

Distributed tracing of asynchronous events across the serverless architecture

Fast troubleshooting

Lightning-fast troubleshooting

Our AI enables you to pinpoint the root cause of complex problems, even before they occur

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Deployment Tools for Serverless
Nitzan Shapira
September 18, 2018
The Most Popular Deployment Tools For Serverless
When starting to write software in serverless and Function-as-a-Service, the default cloud vendor’s console is the starting point. However, once the application gains some complexity…
Best Practices for AWS Lambda Timeouts
Yan Cui
August 28, 2018
Best Practices For AWS Lambda Timeouts
One of the most important configurations for a Lambda function is the timeout value. It dictates how long a function invocation can last…
5 ways to serverless observability
Ran Ribenzaft
Jul 11, 2018
How To Setup AWS Lambda With SQS!
AWS recently introduced SQS integration to Lambda. We have been waiting for this for a long time now. In the following post, I'm going to share a quick-and-simple tutorial…

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