Visualize and troubleshoot serverless applications

Troubleshoot issues with speed, identify bottlenecks, and optimize performance and costs.

Built for serverless

Auto discovery of cloud resources and external APIs

End to end visibility

Distributed tracing of asynchronous events across the serverless architecture

Lightning-fast troubleshooting

Our AI enables you to pinpoint the root cause of complex problems, even before they occur

Our Journey

Serverless architectures provide high stability, extreme scalability and better development efficiency.

However, they are highly distributed, event-driven, and contain many managed elements, such as databases, queues, and external third-party APIs.

This in effect takes control away from the DevOps and R&D teams, making it very difficult to identify issues, predict potential problems, and troubleshoot efficiently.

This is where Epsagon comes to help. Epsagon automatically understands how different events are connected, identifies potential problems and bottlenecks, and provides the ability to quickly troubleshoot issues.

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Jul 11, 2018
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