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Applied Observability for Modern Applications

Automate detection, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues within complex microservice environments with instant data correlation, payload visualization, and full-depth tracing.


Epsagon’s lightweight agent SDK provides automated instrumentation and tracing, giving you quick setup and easy scalability without any training, manual coding, tagging or maintenance.


With unique payload visibility, Epsagon lets you correlate data to automatically connect metrics, logs, traces and payloads in one place.


Epsagon’s rich ecosystem integrates seamlessly, wherever your application is running, with support for all managed services, cloud resources and APIs. With a click of a button, turn on alerting to manage and be notified immediately of any issues by email, Webhook, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.

Seamless Integrations, Including:

Epsagon Drives Value for Your Organization

Epsagon helps organizations and teams of all sizes optimize costs through unlimited free monitoring and scalable pricing. By decreasing the time it takes to identify and correct issues, our platform increases engineering efficiency and reduces application downtime, while accelerating delivery of new features and services.

Via, a service for on-demand and scheduled transit, reduced troubleshooting time by 90% with Epsagon, improving its customer experience.

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Vonage, a global Global Cloud Communications provider, decreased mean time to resolution (MTTR) for production issues by 25% in its first year with Epsagon.

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Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, uses Epsagon to monitor its modern IoT supply chain and significantly reduce troubleshooting time.

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