Automated Monitoring & Troubleshooting for Modern Applications

Automated tracing and logging in a single interface for microservices and serverless.

5-Minute Setup. Find the problem. Fix it. Move on.

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0%Error rate
$54Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
315msAverage latency
0.40%Error rate
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0%Error rate
$26Estimated cost
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776msAverage latency
4.50%Error rate
$357Estimated cost
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$278Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
57msAverage latency
1.50%Error rate
$54Estimated cost
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110msAverage latency
0.30%Error rate
-Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
30msAverage latency
0.10%Error rate
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0.20%Error rate
$7Estimated cost
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321msAverage latency
0.20%Error rate
$94Estimated cost
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140msAverage latency
0.40%Error rate
-Estimated cost
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Troubleshoot & Fix in Minutes

Automated tracing and logging leads quickly to the issue and speeds resolution.

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Query All Your Data Faster

Search across every trace, payload, and log. Solve the most complex issues in seconds.

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Run Anywhere

Epsagon is agentless so you can run across any production workload – containers, AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, or just a VM.


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"Setting up Epsagon required little effort and provided a lot of visibility very quickly. The adoption of the tool has been great. Epsagon is high up in everyone’s mind as THE tool to use."

  • Tonino Greco
  • Dunelm
  • Head of Infrastructure and DevOps

"The need to achieve greater flexibility and speed-to-market led us to a serverless architecture. The desire to achieve new levels of quality, manageability, and cost-effectiveness led us to Epsagon. We are excited to be working with them as we build tomorrow’s business solutions."

  • Dave Wilson
  • Mutual of Enumclaw
  • CIO

"As we focus on IoT and Serverless, visualization into our architecture is key. By using Epsagon, we were able to achieve more than imaginable. Epsagon's product is playing a vital role in resolving issues more efficiently, increasing our productivity and helping us optimize every day."

  • Sai Dilip Ponnaganti
  • Bastian Solutions
  • IoT Cloud Systems Engineer

"Epsagon gave us invaluable visibility of our whole serverless stack. As a direct result, we had the confidence to expand serverless technology company-wide. Now, I can not imagine running serverless in production without Epsagon."

  • Diego Lewin
  • Onceit
  • Head of Developmet

"Epsagon has a product you could run with right away. The set up was minimal. The tracing and notifications of errors allow us to find problems and fix them quickly."

  • John Rellis
  • ServisBOT
  • Engineering Team Leader

“We use Epsagon to monitor and troubleshoot our data pipelines. When a problem occurs, we use Epsagon’s distributed tracing to root-cause complex issues in minutes.”

  • Nir Soudry
  • Prospera Technologies
  • Software Manager

"As a fast moving company, time and money are our most precious resources. Epsagon helps us optimize both by providing great observability of issues and the cost of each component, down to the function level. This has been vital to sustain our fast growth."

  • Rodrigo Reis
  • CTO
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Events & Resources

30-Minute Weekly Group Demo
ServerlessDays Milan
Milan, Italy
Webinar: Modern Apps on AWS


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