Tracing | Monitoring | Logging for serverless applications

Distributed tracing that helps you monitor and troubleshoot your serverless application. Find the problem. Fix it. Move on.

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A picture is worth a thousand logs

-Average latency
0%Error rate
$54Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
315msAverage latency
0.40%Error rate
-Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
-Average latency
0%Error rate
$26Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
776msAverage latency
4.50%Error rate
$357Estimated cost
BadOverall Status
1452msAverage latency
0%Error rate
$278Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
57msAverage latency
1.50%Error rate
$54Estimated cost
BadOverall Status
110msAverage latency
0.30%Error rate
-Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
30msAverage latency
0.10%Error rate
-Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
1142msAverage latency
0.20%Error rate
$7Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
321msAverage latency
0.20%Error rate
$94Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status
140msAverage latency
0.40%Error rate
-Estimated cost
GoodOverall Status

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"The need to achieve greater flexibility and speed-to-market led us to a serverless architecture. The desire to achieve new levels of quality, manageability, and cost-effectiveness led us to Epsagon. We are excited to be working with them as we build tomorrow’s business solutions."

  • Dave Wilson
  • Mutual of Enumclaw
  • CIO

"As we focus on IoT and Serverless, visualization into our architecture is key. By using Epsagon, we were able to achieve more than imaginable. Epsagon's product is playing a vital role in resolving issues more efficiently, increasing our productivity and helping us optimize every day."

  • Sai Dilip Ponnaganti
  • Bastian Solutions
  • IoT Cloud Systems Engineer
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