Today we’re excited to announce that DTCP has joined Epsagon’s team of investors, enabling continued rapid expansion of our applied observability platform for microservice architectures.

This investment, which brings our total funding to $30M, further accelerates development in both the depth and breadth of our platform, enabling Engineering and DevOps teams to solve complex issues quickly within highly distributed environments, while also expanding our commercial team to help us support the increased number and size of customers with whom we are working.

Why did we choose to raise more money now?

Although we recently raised our Series A round of funding, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for observability for the cloud in recent months. Optimizing cloud environments is more important now than ever, and companies need the right tool to monitor and troubleshoot issues within their complex environments. 

With this new investment, Epsagon is well-positioned to continue to be the leader in applied observability for microservices, providing an automated experience that is already helping hundreds of companies around the world solve problems faster and innovate more efficiently.