Today, we are expanding our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and by providing availability of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Contracts through the AWS Marketplace, allowing an automated and accelerated purchasing process for AWS customers and expediting time-to-value with Epsagon.

AWS Marketplace

With SaaS contracts on AWS Marketplace, customers benefit from a simplified software procurement experience. Epsagon’s purchases on AWS Marketplace are integrated into the customer’s AWS account and bill, and customers can customize purchase for Epsagon based on their needs using AWS Private Offers. Furthermore, AWS customers who are enrolled in AWS Enterprise Contracts, which Epsagon has adopted, can benefit from an established, pre-approved enterprise licensing terms, simplifying the procurement process.

Epsagon enables DevOps and engineering teams to quickly troubleshoot, monitor, and visualize their distributed cloud applications. Epsagon’s technology is fully-automated and was built for modern environments where the host may not be accessible, which makes traditional monitoring agents obsolete.

“Customers can have the ability to simply add Epsagon to their existing AWS bill, purchasing it in the same way they would buy an AWS solution,” said Nitzan Shapira, CEO at Epsagon. “Enterprise customers enrolled in the program can purchase Epsagon from AWS Marketplace immediately under the terms of the Enterprise Contract, rather than spending valuable time negotiating legal terms”.