The benefits of serverless and AWS Lambda functions are already clear to everyone. However, making the transition from an existing application to serverless may likely significant require time and effort.  Luckily, containers allow us to wrap code in a standard way and, with the recent announcement from AWS re:Invent, Lambda will launch support for packaging and deploying functions as container images.

Container Image Support in AWS Lambda

The main benefit of this announcement is that anyone can leverage the flexibility and familiarity of container tooling to run code on AWS Lambda. It makes it easy for existing applications to modernize their environments in a simple and effective way.

Another great benefit is the AWS Lambda ecosystem – with more than 100 service integrations, both for incoming events and outgoing data, it makes it easy to fit and integrate any application.

Main features include:

  •   Out-of-the-box scaling, sub-second, auto-scaling.
  •   Integrations to existing event sourcing services.
  •    The ability to deploy container images with up to 10GBs.

AWS Lambda will also open source the Runtime Interface Client (RIC), which allows customers to locally test their Lambda applications on container tools like Docker CLI.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

With these great benefits, observability should always remain in focus. In distributed and event-driven applications, a tool natively built to monitor them becomes crucial for day-to-day operational excellence.

Epsagon provides out-of-the-box support for both monitoring and troubleshooting serverless environments, including the latest functionality of Container Image Support in AWS Lambda:

Epsagon’s observability platform for serverless environments, including Container Image Support in AWS Lambda

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