Today Epsagon is officially announcing our Partner Program for technology, resale, consulting, and managed service provider partners. Our Partner Program enables organizations to team with Epsagon to deliver innovative technology solutions to customers looking to leverage microservices, scale DevOps, and optimize their application performance. As a valued partner, we’ll work with you to modernize your customers’ (or our mutual customers’) business applications and deliver the ultimate adoption experience of cloud-native technologies.

Why We’ve Created the Partner Program

After working individually with several awesome partners over that last few years, we realized that having an official program would be advantageous in developing and maintaining many more like them. This program will enable partners to:

  • Drive outstanding customer outcomes that generate new opportunities
  • De-risk and accelerate service delivery
  • Help customers and joint customers modernize with microservices
  • Drive more cloud journey services revenue
  • Scale the scope and quality of customer experience

Benefits of Our Partner Program

Members of the program will have access to the business and marketing resources they need to grow and deliver amazing customer experiences:

  • Marketing support: Access to dedicated Sales and Marketing resources focused on accelerating partner growth.
  • Pre-sales support: Epsagon’s Solutions Architects help to drive customer success.
  • Sales tools and materials: Access to sales presentations, partner tier discounts, deal registration, and referral fees.
  • Enablement: Sales enablement in the form of on-demand online education and training sessions designed to quickly onboard sales and technical teams.
  • Access to Epsagon’s platform: Get free access licenses for demos and training
  • Online customer support: Support resources at your fingertips

If you’re interested in joining our Partner Program, we’d love to hear from you and discuss how our teams can work together. Please reach out to or fill out the information request form here.