Accelerate and Ensure Successful AWS Cloud Migration with Epsagon

Epsagon enables teams to instantly visualize, understand and optimize their microservice architectures. Eliminate manual work and gaps in visibility to significantly reduce issue detection, root cause analysis and resolution times as you migrate to and scale your deployment within AWS.

Migrate with Confidence

Epsagon offers companies an automated approach to achieving observability during and after their migration to AWS Cloud.

With Epsagon, you can:

  • Correlate data for migration
  • Visualize your cloud migration
  • Trace at full-depth without sampling at every migration stage
  • See correlated metrics, logs, traces, and payloads to find issues fast.

The result? Significant reductions in MTTD, MTTR, and applicationdowntime that can delay or put your migration at risk.

Our lightweight agent SDK provides automated instrumentation to all stages of your cloud migration, with no training, manual coding, tagging or maintenance required.

Migration Challenges

Microservices, which are smaller apps designed for a specific task or business process, are the building blocks of distributed cloud architectures, applications, and services. But…microservices, abstracted from infrastructure, are highly distributed, making them difficult to monitor and troubleshoot in every stage of migration and in the cloud. Visibility into microservice environments can significantly reduce the challenges involved in moving away from on-premises monolithic architectures to cloud-based microservice architectures.

Increased complexity of distributed environments

Performance issues, outages, and latency

User impacts and delays resulting in lost business

Traditional APM solutions slow down transition

Lack of effective communication and alerting

Cloud Migration with Full-Depth Observability

Gain valuable insights into your applications by capturing and analyzing performance data, usage, and monitoring dependencies before and after migration.

Cloud Migration Benefits with Epsagon

Deep visibility across microservices for all teams

Improved efficiency & reduce time to market with new services

Reduced operational, development, and opportunity costs

Alerting and Communicating Made Easy

Full Visibility Into AWS Services



Amazon EKS

Amazon ECS

AWS Lambda

AWS Fargate

Amazon EC2

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