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Ron Yishai
May 31, 2018
How to handle AWS Lambda errors like a pro
Anyone familiar with Serverless knows that it does not only mean executing your monolithic code on Lambda functions- it's a different architecture…
Gal Bashan
May 14, 2018
Lambda Internals — Part 2: Going Deeper
Serverless development is simply the best. Double click, upload your code and you are done, right? Most people are more than happy to leave it at that…
Gal Bashan
Apr 25, 2018
Lambda Internals: Exploring AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda is an excellent environment for rapid and scalable development. As a developer, I love using it. The main advantage of Lambda is…
Ran Ribenzaft
Mar 31, 2018
The right way to distribute messages effectively in serverless applications
When scaling a serverless application into a real architecture, that is composed of many resources and elements — it becomes hard to design it properly…
Nitzan Shapira
Mar 23, 2018
Why your startup needs serverless Slack bots
In this post, I will explain how we utilize serverless Slack bots in Epsagon, demonstrate their value, and provide an example — including corresponding open source code…
Ran Ribenzaft
Feb 15, 2018
How to make Lambda faster: memory performance benchmark
Configuring a Lambda function is considered as a very complex task. Among all parameters, you will have to pick the memory size for your function, which is very confusing…
Nitzan Shapira
Feb 9, 2018
The curse of dead Lambda functions
Most developers agree that AWS Lambda is a great service. It’s cheap and easy to start with. It’s scalable. And most importantly — it just works…

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