Announcing One-Click Serverless Monitoring

Here at Epsagon, we take a holistic approach to monitoring. We want you to be able to have a complete understanding of your application, with absolutely zero code changes.

That’s why we are introducing today one-click monitoring: monitor you serverless functions with a click of a button.

NoConf Monitoring

The biggest serverless pitch is “focus on your own business logic”, and monitoring should be no different. Starting today, Epsagon can manage the monitoring for you from end-to-end. Just select the functions you want to monitor (hint: all of them) and Epsagon will take care of the rest.

Auto-instrument functions

In the functions view, you can now select the functions you want to be instrumented, and let us do our magic. We will keep monitoring your function even if you update your function’s code or configuration! Monitoring has never been easier.

The supported languages are currently Python and Node.js, and Java support is coming next!

Easy Opt-In

Wanted to try Epsagon and couldn’t find the time? With the new one-click monitoring getting started with epsagon takes less than 5 minutes. Absolutely zero code changes are required! Sign up, select your functions and get the insights you need.

Auto-instrument onboarding

Happy monitoring,

The Epsagon team.