Understanding Customer Impacts

Generali Global Assistance, a global provider of protection services, turned to Epsagon after experiencing bottleneck and troubleshooting issues in its AWS microservice architecture. Epsagon is installed on Generali’s critical microservices in production and is used across development, operations, and support teams, actively monitoring hundreds of functions.

“Epsagon gives developers at Generali Global Assistance the ability to connect the dots across microservices and figure out what the customer is doing, where the customer has a problem, and how rapidly we can fix it.”

– Sarat Marudhuri, Chief Cloud Architect, Generali Global Assistance

Business Challenges

  • Microservice architectural complexity
  • Visibility into multiple microservices
  • Understanding what is impacting the customer
  • Resolving issues fast before customers are impacted


  • Automated setup and zero maintenance
  • Connects every request in a transaction
  • Search and analyze your data for insights
  • Identify root cause quickly
  • Increase velocity of new features


  • Centralized microservice monitoring & troubleshooting—a single view and console
  • Global architecture view of all AWS services 
  • Easily group functionality in different applications
  • Better collaboration between DevOps and support teams
  • Clear understanding of customer impacts
  • Fixed issues faster