Modernizing with a Microservice Architecture

After modernizing its applications in the AWS cloud, Vonage, a global Global Cloud Communications provider, had difficulty detecting and troubleshooting problems in its new microservice architecture. 

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Vonage wanted to resolve application issues quickly and increase developer velocity in order to deploy new business services within its product offerings. The company turned to Epsagon to gain applied observability into its microservice workloads—serverless and containers. Using Epsagon, Vonage was able to decrease MTTR of issues by 25% in the first year and deploy new features 2x faster, while saving significantly on costs from runaway functions.

“Vonage reduced the troubleshooting time of its business-critical applications and deployed features 2x faster with Epsagon.”

 -Ilya Rabinov, R&D Manager, Vonage 

Business Challenges

  • Complex architecture—thousands of functions and multiple AWS services 
  • Spikes in workloads daily—peaks equal billions of invocations/month
  • Unpredictable startup times for functions 
  • Difficult to test before deployment
  • Highly manual log analysis 
  • Slow response time to production incidents 
  • Hidden costs with runaway functions 
  • Hard to pinpoint problems in edge cases


  • Visualize the architecture & see everything in production
  • Use in every phase of production from testing to deployment
  • Fully automated from setup in< 5 minutes to issue resolution
  • Auto correlates metrics, logs, traces and payloads for rapid MTTD/MTTR
  • Fix issues in seconds and minutes – not days & hours
  • Leverage cost-monitoring for serverless control
  • Increases developer velocity and new service creation
  • Reduces troubleshooting time up to 95%

Epsagon’s Service Map Visualizes Complex Architectures


  • Right data aggregated in the right dashboard with graph views
  • Time to business value within days of installing
  • Decreased debugging complexity
  • Decreased MTTR by 25% in first year
  • Decreased significantly the amount of cold starts 
  • Increased alerting & communication with integration to OpsGenie
  • Delivered significant cost optimization with specific lambdas
  • Eased onboarding of new engineers with broader rollout planned
  • Rolled out new features 2x faster

Epsagon’s Trace Search Reduces Complexity and Pinpoints Issues