Understand your microservices

Instantly visualize, understand and optimize your microservices architecture. Eliminate manual work and gaps in visibility to reduce issue detection, root cause analysis and resolution times.

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Hundreds of Turn-key Integrations, Including:

Hundreds of Turn-key Integrations, Including:

Simple setup

Epsagon has replaced heavy manual instrumentation with a lightweight agent that requires minimal code changes.

OOTB automation to improve developer velocity

Instantly visualize all AWS and third-party (Auth0, Stripe) services automatically. Integrate with a wide range of microservices-based environments including Kubernetes, ECS, EKS and serverless. Create custom dashboards to improve developer and business velocity.

Granular tracing

Understand a transaction or workflow, with access to all levels of data down to payloads, as it propagates through your distributed system. Correlate metrics, logs and traces. Set alerts based on metrics, traces and payload data. Debug quickly to reduce MTTD/R.

See it all with service maps

Epsagon’s intelligent, automated service maps help to immediately identify high-traffic components, latency in synchronous and asynchronous transactions, and provide an end-to-end snapshot of your applications' topographies, including those integral infrastructure components.

Companies Rely on Epsagon

Customers leverage Epsagon to reduce errors by 75% and troubleshooting time by 95%, enabling significantly faster MTTD/R and increased Engineering efficiency.

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