Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that helps users manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS. Amazon recently announced EKS Anywhere which allows users to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on-premises. We are happy to announce that Epsagon is completely compatible with Amazon EKS Anywhere.

How does Epsagon support Amazon EKS Anywhere?

With Epsagon, users can easily monitor their Kubernetes clusters and get insights into the performance metrics as well as detailed mappings of clusters, nodes, pods, containers, and deployments.

Figure 1: Detailed mappings of Kubernetes components in Epsagon

Figure 2: Monitor Kubernetes with Epsagon

In addition, users can find issues in Kubernetes applications and troubleshoot them quickly.

Figure 3: Troubleshooting EKS applications using distributed tracing

Epsagon provides end-to-end observability for Kubernetes applications using distributed tracing. Thus, Epsagon already has great support for Amazon EKS. For Amazon EKS Anywhere, no additional configuration changes are required. In addition, Epsagon is also completely compatible with Amazon EKS Distro. Users can get started by installing the cluster agent and then following a few steps to integrate their Kubernetes clusters.

More information about Amazon EKS Anywhere can be found here. Learn more about Amazon EKS Anywhere partners here.

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