Just a week after announcing the general availability of our automated instrumentation for Go, we are thrilled to announce today that our Java automated instrumentation library is available as well! As usual, the library can be found in our GitHub repository.

Java is still a leader

Traditionally, Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and while it is not a new language, in 2018 its popularity is still amazing.


The TIOBE index and Java

Java and serverless

How is Java doing in serverless? Well, as we saw in the 2018 serverless survey, among all supported runtimes in AWS Lambda, Node.JS is the most popular language used in AWS Lambda overall. But what about enterprises? As it turns out, Java is very popular in enterprises.


Java and serverless in enterprises (source: serverless.com)

Java and Epsagon

The new instrumentation library for Java is available on our GitHub. Check out the instructions on how to get started. As with previous languages, our library provides fully-automated instrumentation, which does not require any manual code changes.

This gives you the ability to troubleshoot fast and identify issues at the speed of Epsagon while keeping to iterate daily at the speed of serverless.

epsagon architecture