After many requests, we are excited to officially release today our instrumentation library for the Go programming language. The library is available on our GitHub repository.

Why Go?

From a rather unpopular language, Go has become one of the top choices for modern applications, and particularly serverless applications written using services such as AWS Lambda.

According to the Go blog, “every single cloud company has critical components of their cloud infrastructure implemented in Go including Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku and many others.”

In addition, the Go 2017 Survey Results show that 67% of the participants are programming at their work in Go, compared to 64% last year.

In the 2018 community serverless survey by, the Go language has officially passed Java in terms of usage:

2018 serverless community survey,

Get Started With AWS Lambda Tracing in Go

The easiest way to start with Epsagon’s Go library is using our quick start guide. In addition, we released several code examples which make it easy to deploy an AWS Lambda with already wrapped with the instrumentation library:

What’s Next?

So far, we’ve launched our library for Node.js, Python, and Go. Java is coming up next, which will enable more customers to enjoy Epsagon’s automatic distributed tracing, predict key issues in their applications, and troubleshoot efficiently.

[UPDATE]: Learn more about our library for Java here.