Ever wonder what is going on with your Kubernetes clusters, as they deploy, scale and maintain container images?  Do you want deeper visibility than current monitoring tools provide?

Wonder no more. Today we are announcing a seamless integration of Kubernetes and Epsagon, the automated, distributed tracing solution for cloud microservices, including containers, with payload visibility to monitor, troubleshoot and fix issues in seconds.

Now you can definitively know what is going in your environment in every stage of production.

Kubernetes clusters, deployments, pods and containers, as you know, can be hard to configure and maintain. Epsagon leverages the power of Prometheus  (without the need to manage or provision it) to provide best-in-class monitoring and alerting with an extensive experience and user interface.

With its integration into your cloud environment, Epsagon provides ease of management with its sleek dashboard and ability to see everything in production, automated monitoring, a wide variety of correlated performance metrics, alerting integrated with your communication channels, and fast troubleshooting—in seconds.

Epsagon’s distributed tracing provides an automated correlation of traces, metrics, and logs within a single dashboard.

Architecture Map

Architecture Map

The correlation between the application-level tracing and the infrastructure-level metrics enables developers to see a cluster or a pod and go right to the relevant traces, without tedious and time-consuming searches through hundreds, even thousands of log, to identify issues and their sources.

Kubernetes Metrics

Kubernetes Metrics

From a specific pod, you can jump to the distributed trace right away:

Kubernetes Tracing

Kubernetes Tracing

Customers report that Epsagon reduces errors by 75% and troubleshooting time by 95%. Not only does developer velocity accelerate but confidence in the robustness and reliability of the container environment increases dramatically.

And the engineers who rely on developers can code their applications with the assurance that the applications are running on accurately configured and maintained clusters. And flawless applications (you don’t repeat the errors) and rapidly-built services set new records for time to market.

Life just got easier with Epsagon for Kubernetes clusters.

Epsagon is constantly adding new features and functionality for containers. Engage with us.  We’d like to hear about your needs.

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