Epsagon: First Provider of Distributed Tracing for AWS AppSync APIs – with No Code Changes

Today Epsagon is announcing the integration of its automated, distributed tracing solution for monitoring and troubleshooting cloud microservices (containers and serverless) with AWS AppSync, which simplifies application development by letting developers create a flexible API to securely access, manipulate, and combine data from one or more data sources.

Epsagon is the first to provide distributed tracing and monitoring with payload visibility for AWS AppSync APIs — without any code change, thus enabling developer speed and accuracy.

Since AppSync securely accesses and combines data from multiple services, such as AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Elastic, HTTP, and more. Epsagon integration enables developers to seamlessly monitor, troubleshoot and fix every transaction in AppSync APIs, and gain visibility into every call and every resource involved. Epsagon customers report a 95% reduction in troubleshooting time and 75% reduction in errors for cloud microservices.

Epsagon is the only agentless, cloud-native solution that provides distributed, automated tracing of every request in a transaction, integrated logging and tracing in a single visual interface, and unique payload visibility to fix issues in seconds. Everything about Epsagon is automated for DevOps/Engineering.

This integration with AppSync further deepens Epsagon development with AWS. Epsagon is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with two core competencies in DevOps and Data and Analytics. Epsagon is also an AWS Lambda Layers Launch Partner.

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