Automated tracing for highly distributed applications and services can make your engineering and DevOps working life seriously easier.

Epsagon empowers Engineering and DevOps who build and operate microservice applications. Delivered as a SaaS solution, Epsagon uniquely provides automated set up in less than 5 minutes (no code changes) and distributed tracing & logging in a single interface. It’s so fluid and automated you can discover, monitor, query, troubleshoot, and fix in seconds your cloud-based modern applications, microservices, and serverless.

Hybrid environments of all types — on-prem and cloud apps or microservices and serverless — are complex, reflecting the evolution/adoption of technology over time. Having the right language support in a solution enables flexibility in the face of this complexity.

Epsagon started with libraries for JavaPythonGo and Node.js. and now Epsagon supports .NET – one of the most established cross, open-source platforms for app, web, and IoT development, thus expanding your automated monitoring and troubleshooting to address hybrid environments and automatically monitor and troubleshoot many more modern applications.

Epsagon is a cloud-native solution and OpenTracing compatible. Since Epsagon is agentless, you can run across any production workload — AWS ECS, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, Kubernetes, or just a VM. Highly useful in pre-production, production, and post-production environments, Epsagon is committed to making development easier and faster and applications better.

PS. If you’re using .NET, join the Epsagon early-users program and get a 10% discount on the first 50M events.