Digital performance is the new normal. Every business wants and needs to deliver optimal digital performance across all kinds of applications for employees and customers alike. 

Apache OpenWhisk

Apache OpenWhisk

For example, Adobe introduced the Helix project—“the new experience management service to create, manage, and deliver great digital experiences.”

Adobe is using Apache OpenWhisk as part of its Helix project. OpenWhisk is an open-source, distributed serverless platform that executes functions (fx) in response to events. While similar to AWS Lambda, OpenWhisk requires developers to maintain their own infrastructure.

That means these developers need tools to gain visibility into digital and application performance. Basically, developers must know whether applications are working properly and what’s running in production. This way, then can rapidly build new services and save on development time.

In its July 2019 release, Epsagon introduced tracing support for OpenWhisk functions (called actions) to the Epsagon node tracing library.

As a result, developers using OpenWhisk have the ability to see distributed traces, search traces, see a live architecture, detect performance issues, and more.

Epsagon Tracing for OpenWhisk

Epsagon’s Tracing for OpenWhisk

Developers in hybrid environments benefit from the Epsagon approach, which works equally well for microservices and/or serverless.

Epsagon delivers automated, cloud-native application performance monitoring and troubleshooting for modern applications. It’s the only solution that provides distributed, automated tracing of every request in a transaction and integrated logging and tracing in a single interface. 

Like the Apache OpenWhisk “deploy anywhere,” Epsagon is agentless. You can run across any production workload – AWS ECS, AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, or just a VM. Epsagon supports a wide variety of languages and provides libraries for Java, Python, Go, .NET, and Node.js—the most popular languages.

Epsagon also is OpenTracing compatible. Again, like Adobe’s approach, Epsagon integrates with many popular services, including email, webhook, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Epsagon Alerts Integrations

Epsagon Alerts Integrations

Epsagon fixes issues in seconds—not weeks and months. Improve your OpenWhisk development with a 90% reduction in troubleshooting time and 75% reduction in error rates. Set up Epsagon in less than 5 minutes. It’s fully automated.

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