Epsagon is excited to announce another expansion to its technology integrations with out-of-the-box observability for FastlyFastly provides an edge cloud platform that processes, serves, and secures customer applications as close to end-users as possible. By caching web content and storing it as close as possible to end-users, Fastly enables optimized load times for on-demand applications and services.

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Applied Observability Reduces User Impacts 

With this new Fastly integration, Epsagon can identify user requests for services delivered by Fastly and create a trace for each request in a transaction. These traces show users how a request moves through their system and what components are involved, while the metric insights show how the components are performing.

Epsagon’s end-to-end distributed tracing automatically allows users to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues, and inspect and analyze metrics. With automated monitoring, alerting, tracing, correlation, and troubleshooting capabilities within Epsagon’s platform, Fastly users can now achieve full-depth observability into the performance of any request and its supporting components. Customers also can use Epsagon to identify and help fix issues in seconds, so there is little or no resulting user impact.

Epsagon Trace View with Fastly

Fastly Alerts and Metrics

Epsagon’s platform also enables users to configure alerts and receive notifications via preferred channels with unique trace-based metrics. Fastly users can monitor technical issues, such as latency, when delivering content through a CDN. Epsagon collects the full payload in order to identify and pinpoint the specific issue, whether end-user or application-flow related.

Epsagon and Fastly

As a result of this integration, customers who want to use Fastly’s platform are now closer to understanding application performance within their entire ecosystem and improving the user experience with their applications and business.

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