Automated, Correlated, Integrated

Epsagon’s lightweight agent SDK provides automated instrumentation and tracing with no gaps in coverage, giving you full visibility for containers, VMs, serverless and more with no training, manual coding, tagging or maintenance required.

Epsagon automatically discovers your applications stack, allowing you to see performance metrics for any production resource —Kubernetes, ECS, Lambda, and more— without any manual work.
Epsagon also automatically maps the discovered application stack into a highly visual architecture view called a Service Map. You can drill into a component or node to discover a problem, see metrics, analyze trends and better understand issues. Click on Traces to go to Trace Search.
With Trace Search, pinpoint the problem even faster. Query and search any call using criteria such as: name, time, resource, exception, user ID or payload. You also can see the analysis for the search as Request Errors and Duration stats. It’s all correlated.
Click on a row of data in the Search to have automatic end-to-end visualization and tracing of every request and event flow. See correlated metrics/logs/traces/payloads. All of this —with no manual work, no setup, no configuration, no maintenance.
Manage alerts and issues in one interface called the Issues Manager, which aggregates and correlates production data so you can manage and alert faster. Gain confidence by understanding every error, exception, or trend, and, with a click of a button, get alerted to any of the integrations when something goes wrong.
Easily set up alerts from the pre-selected categories (alert types, entities) or customize your notifications. Then choose your communications channel —Slack, Opsgenie, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, ViktorOps, Webhook. Never miss an issue or problem again with Epsagon.


  • No heavy agents: a lightweight agent SDK that deploys automatically
  • No tagging: automatically identify and add tags
  • Instant setup: connect your services and see results instantly
  • Scale without issues: whether you have a hundred thousand or a hundred million traces per month, Epsagon creates order from chaos with business insights


  • Interactive, customizable architecture view
  • Troubleshoot and trace application performance issues to root causes
  • Remove the need for tedious, manual log searching


  • Run in any modern cloud: microservices, containers, serverless
  • Run across any production and any workload: Kubernetes, AWS ECS, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate or just a VM
  • Receive alerts where you work: Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams and more
  • Integrate with AWS and other management services, programming languages and APIs
  • Use the languages in which you work: NodeJS, Python, Go, Java and .NET

Security: Our Top Priority

Epsagon holds the world’s most stringent security certifications.

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