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Epsagon: Microservices Observability

Epsagon simplifies modern cloud application development as the pioneering microservices-native observability platform, used by engineering leaders, developers, and architects to promote team knowledge of architecture and confidently scale and iterate services faster.

Automated tracing libraries collect all application-level calls. No code changes, configurations, sidecars, logs, or manual work is needed.

Get alerts when services become slow, analyze metrics and dashboards, and drill into slow calls to uncover latencies.

Search any payload, users, or tags in application-level calls, and explore end-to-end request flows across different microservices.

Get Started Quickly

Never Miss an Issue

Troubleshoot Effectively

Simplify Monitoring

Create Intuition about Your Architecture

Customer Quotes

Getting to see everything on Epsagon, and easily understanding where we have issues, and what needs to be fixed before pushing to production, means we can get new features out faster 


Engineering Manager, Vonage

Within a couple of days after seeing the issue with Epsagon, we had a fix out in production and were able to confirm with users that the problem was resolved. And that was just during the trial.

Director of Platform Engineering, Fender

With Epsagon’s real-time alerts, the ability to go to the specific transaction was a complete game-changer for us. Now our developers can focus on fixing the code, instead of searching for the problem.

IoT Cloud Systems Developer, Toyota Advanced Logistics

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