Instantly Understand Your Serverless Functions

Epsagon provides automated distributed tracing across your most complex serverless environments, providing a single pane of glass for services and infrastructure components with little-to-no code changes.

Instant Troubleshooting

Immediately see high-level metrics to pinpoint problematic and costly functions, plus easily dive deeper by filtering your functions based upon runtime, environment details, application, or AWS region. Automated instrumentation down to the framework level with payload collection means there's no need to manually define metrics or events to ingest the data flowing between your services. Epsagon's GUI allows you to instrument functions to immediately begin collecting trace and APM data.

Automated Correlation

With automated payload and log correlation, identify exactly why a function is misbehaving within your environment. With no costly log shipping, Epsagon integrates with common logging platforms and frameworks to ensure automated log correlation with each of your traces. Access rich payload data and the exact portion of the log required to troubleshoot.

“When it comes to monitoring and troubleshooting modern microservices, nothing beats Epsagon.”

– Ynon Cohen, Development Group

Leader at Via

See It All with Service Maps

Infrastructure components are critical to your application and your end users' experience. Epsagon’s Intelligent, automated service maps help to immediately identify high-traffic components, latency in synchronous and asynchronous transactions, and provide an end-to-end snapshot of your applications' topographies, including those integral infrastructure components.

Serverless Monitoring Made Easy

Search and filter your Lambdas based upon any native AWS tag, data within the payload, or any custom labels and tags on individual services. Quickly spot and identify issues by saving queries to custom dashboards. Search across your Lambdas for specific exception types, classes, resources, events and more to proactively troubleshoot and remediate issues before your customers are ever impacted.

Alerting Done Right

Alert based upon Lambda events, such as Timeouts, Out of Memory exceptions, Code or Function exceptions, or our Insights driven alerts that look for deviations outside of the norm for your serverless functions behaviors. Granular alerts allow you to define thresholds for any trace, lambda or payload metric to reduce alert fatigue, and identify only the business critical issues as they arise.

Visualize Business-Level Metrics

Tired of duplicating your efforts by sending custom metrics that already exist as data in the payload? Easily index data directly from the payload to search and visualize within Epsagon, all without changing a single line of code. Identify the number of items being added to the cart, or the current number of individuals taking advantage of a new coupon code.

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