Instantly Understand Your Serverless Environments

Epsagon provides automated distributed tracing across your most complex serverless environments, providing a single pane of glass for services and infrastructure components with little-to-no code changes.

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Hundreds of Turn-Key Integrations, Including:

Hundreds of Turn-Key Integrations, Including:

Troubleshoot and fix quickly with automated tracing

Automatically trace every step to root cause and solve the most complex problems in seconds. See the problem instantly with full payload visibility.

Automated Correlation

  • Identify exactly why a function is misbehaving within your environment.
  • Integrate with common logging platforms and frameworks to ensure automated log correlation with each of your traces.
  • Access rich payload data and the exact portion of the log required to troubleshoot.

See It All with Service Maps

Epsagon’s intelligent, automated service maps help to immediately identify high-traffic components, latency in synchronous and asynchronous transactions, and provide an end-to-end snapshot of your applications' topographies, including those integral infrastructure components.

Monitor with Ease

  • Search and filter your Lambdas based upon any native AWS tag, data within the payload, or any custom labels and tags on individual services.
  • Quickly spot and identify issues by saving queries to custom dashboards.
  • Search across your Lambdas for specific exception types, classes, resources, events and more to proactively troubleshoot and remediate issues before your customers are impacted.

Companies Rely on Epsagon

Customers leverage Epsagon to reduce errors by 75% and troubleshooting time by 95%, enabling significantly reduced MTTR and increased Engineering efficiency.

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