Instantly Understand Your Serverless Functions

Epsagon enables teams to instantly visualize, understand and optimize their serverless and microservice architectures. Eliminate manual work and gaps in visibility, significantly reducing issue detection, root cause analysis and resolution times. A special offer for Serverless Chats listeners: Start a free trial, connect your first trace, and get an Epsagon T-Shirt. Email with your address and shirt size.

Hundreds of Turn-key Integrations, Including:

Hundreds of Turn-key Integrations, Including:

Understand Your Serverless Environments

Epsagon provides automated distributed tracing across your most complex serverless environments, providing a single pane of glass for services and infrastructure components, all with little to no code changes.

Query and correlate data faster

  • Query using a single interface for tracing and logging.
  • Search any payload or field to find any transaction in seconds.
  • Debug visually to discover root cause.

Automatically trace issues to root cause

See every operation, performance metric, log and payload from your microservices in one place.

Alert and act

Need to understand which API is causing your Lambda function to time out? Epsagon’s performance analysis provides the answer immediately.

Companies Rely on Epsagon

Customers leverage Epsagon to reduce errors by 75% and troubleshooting time by 95%, enabling significantly reduced MTTR and increased Engineering efficiency.

Get unlimited monitoring for 14 days with Epsagon