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Understand Your Microservices

Complex modern applications that are scaling fast create gaps in visibility, making detection and troubleshooting like finding needles in a haystack. You need an observability strategy that’s natively built for them and closes the gaps created by legacy APM solutions.

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Hundreds of Turn-Key Integrations, Including:

Hundreds of Turn-Key Integrations, Including:

Identify, troubleshoot and fix issues quickly

With Epsagon, Engineers know when something is wrong within their microservice architecture and can immediately trace issues to root cause before they affect production.

Query and correlate data faster

  • Query using a single interface for tracing and logging.
  • Search any payload or field to find any transaction in seconds.
  • Debug visually to discover root cause.

A single pane of glass for microservices

Epsagon aggregates, unifies, analyzes and correlates data from all the third party tools you love, delivering a single pane of glass for understanding containers, Kubernetes, serverless and more.

Companies Rely on Epsagon

Customers leverage Epsagon to reduce errors by 75% and troubleshooting time by 95%, enabling significantly faster MTTD/R and increased Engineering efficiency.

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