While retails are moving to modern cloud applications –  Microservices & Serverless – and enhance scalability and agility, they often encounter significant challenges in ensuring superior customer experience and meeting market demands due to limited visibility.

Performance monitoring is a crucial part when running serverless applications. Serverless applications are highly distributed with business workflows and data spread across multiple managed services and APIs. As a result, in order to make sure that everything is running correctly in production you’d need full observability into the application that will help you find the root cause, and troubleshoot quickly. In this workshop, you will learn the critical observability considerations when operating a serverless application, what is distributed tracing and why it’s important, and what tools can be used to gain full observability to your applications.

Building an AWS Application

In this webinar, we’re gonna build “The Serverless Shop” – an e-commerce application built on AWS using serverless technologies.

The Serverless Shop

The Serverless Shop

The app uses AWS services such as AWS Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront, S3, SNS, SES, DynamoDB, and external APIs such as the Google Images API and the Stripe API.

Learning Objective

1. Understand what is observability in serverless applications.
2. Understand how you can use distributed tracing to troubleshoot quickly.
3. Discover the best practices in monitoring functions in production.

Who Should Watch?

Developers, Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, Product Managers, Engineering Leads, Solution Architects, IT Managers, systems administrators, and CTOs.


Heitor Lessa, Specialist Solutions Architect – Serverless, AWS
Ran Ribenzaft, CTO, Epsagon